Composite Equipment Enclosures


Watertronics Composite Enclosures are engineered to deliver unparalleled protection for your equipment, combining 100% non-corrosive materials with superior sound attenuation and weatherproofing. Constructed from pultruded fiberglass, these enclosures offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring your systems are safeguarded against impacts, chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions.

The thoughtful open panel design guarantees complete accessibility for easy maintenance and upgrades. With the added benefit of temperature control capabilities, our Composite Enclosures are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including pump station houses, chiller units, chemical storage, and filtration skids. Designed for resilience and versatility, Watertronics Composite Enclosures are the ideal choice for protecting critical infrastructure in any setting.

Design Benefits Include:


    100% non-corrosive, maintenance-free composite material—not susceptible to rust, rot or insect infestation


    Superior impact resistant exterior


    Sound attenuating—natural composite material provides average sound reduction of 11 db


    Arrives fully assembled and generally does not require a building permit


    New construction or retrofit for existing installations


• Panel construction: 32 lb. density closed-cell fiberglass reinforced urethane foam board

• Enclosure coating: 40mil UV stable 2-part Polyurea top coat

• Stainless Steel hardware— including lockable door handles, lift-off hinges, and fasteners

• Thermostat-controlled fan

• LED interior lighting

• Floor drain

• 120V outlet

• Removable panels, doors and roof

• Cane bolt door panel kickstands

• Sandstone or Green enclosure color

• Delivered fully assembled

• 2 year warranty


Pump Houses

Chemical Storage

Chiller Enclosures

Filter Skids

Equipment Protection


Size Availability

Composite Enclosures are available in pre-determined sizes for both standard enclosures and PE stamped wind-load rated enclosures. Consult factory for custom enclosure sizing.

Delivery and Installation

  • Composite Enclosures arrive onsite fully assembled to expedite installation and eliminate site downtime due to construction.
  • Building permits generally not required.
  • Arrives fully assembled – no onsite downtime or construction zones
  • Factory mounted to skid with Watertronics Pumps stations and UL-listed

Bringham Young University – Utah

The Grove Golf Course – Florida

Ocean Reef – Florida

East Potomac DC National Park Services

Atlanta United – Georgia 

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