WaterMax Pulse for Commercial Irrigation Transcription

An overview of the design, features and parts of the WaterMax Pulse Booster.


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>> HOST: The WaterMax Pulse Booster is a compact, pre-engineered water pumping system that offers big features and benefits at a small, space-saving design. And given its smart design, quick installation, and ease of operation, it becomes an ideal solution for installations at schools, parks, sports fields and other residential and commercial properties requiring a boosted water supply.


>> HOST: And with a 5 horse power pump, capable of running on both 230 volt and 208 volt, single and three phase, allowing for flow rates up to 120 gallons per minute, and boosts pressures up to 65 PSI, there is plenty of flexibility in your application.

The entire package consists of durable, corrosive-resistant materials, from the all-Marine-Grade Aluminum base and enclosure, to the Composite Power Box, and all stainless steel piping and pump, you are sure to get years of reliable operation.


>> HOST: And with the system’s lightweight design, and just around 400 pounds, along with the added convenience of fork pockets and corner-lifting eyes, transportation and maneuvering of the system is made to be very easy for any installation.

Opening up this system is a quick process that requires no tools. We start by raising the lid to the upright position, where it automatically locks in place for safety, followed by loosening up the thumb screws, on the left and right sides, lifting up, and removing the front panel, which gives us full-service access to the components on the inside.


>> HOST: On the inside, you’ll see the inside piping coming in from the left, the discharge piping leaving out the right, all connected to the pump and motor at the center.

There is a discharge isolation valve, along with various pressure gauges and sensors all working together with the VFD at the heart of the system to give you energy-efficient pump control.

With convenient features such as an HOA Switch Box, giving the user both a manual and automatic system control, a 4-amp receptacle outlet, capable of powering an irrigation controller that can be mounted on the back panel of the station, a ventilation fan, a check valve on the intake plumbing, and red-green system operation status lights, this system has the most features and benefits in its class.

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