The SkyHarvester® SH-Micro is a pre-packaged engineered pump station featuring a submersible pump, VFD pressure regulation, discharge filtration, and level controls. With the ability to pump up to 60 GPM, filter water to 100 micron, and control a back-up water supply in the event harvested water is not available, the SkyHarvester SH-Micro can deliver harvested water for drip and micro-spray irrigation systems at a constant pressure under varying flow rates to meet today’s commercial needs.

Application: Submersible
Flow: Up to 60 GPM
Motor options: 1 1/2 – 3 HP
Voltage: 230/1 Phase/60 Hz, 208/3 Phase/60 Hz, 230/3 Phase/60 Hz, 460/3 Phase/60 Hz

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