SkyHarvester Rain Water Harvesting Systems

An overview of how Watertronics SkyHarvester Rain Water Harvesting Systems work and how it impacts the community.


(Upbeat music plays)

>>ONSCREEN QUOTE:  “Buildings use 12.2% of all U.S. potable water. That’s 15 trillion gallons per year.” -U.S. Geological Service, 1995.

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Introducing… SkyHarvester Water Conservation Systems. Let us show you how it works.


(Rain sound effect plays)

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Rainwater flows through the building drainage system and is collected in the tank. A commercial tank can be 5,000 to 1 million gallons. The tanks are made of composite, which never rusts, cracks, or corrodes.

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Once the tank is full, excess water is diverted into the city storm sewer, retention pond, or bio-preserve. Our control systems can integrate the Irrigation System with the Pump Station, for efficient, centralized control.


>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Irrigation begins.

{Sprinkler sound effect plays)

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: The resulting drop in pressure engages the pump. Stainless steel impellers pump water from this tank. Every Sky Harvester system is VFD-driven. The Level Sensor indicates a low water level.  It tells a valve to switch the water source from rainwater to city water. The flow sensor moniots the amount of replenishment water being used, which helps determine your system’s ROI.

(Rain sound effect plays)

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: The irrigation system automatically shuts off upon rain event because the irrigation controller utilizes a rain sensor.


>>ONSCREEN QUOTE:  “Irrigation accounts for 39% of fresh water demand in the United States.” -High Performing Buildings, Summer 08 Issue

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Single Source Provider. Watertronics offers a complete rainwater harvesting system customized to meet your needs. Keep your building projects moving faster, more efficiently, and more affordably.

>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Advanced Controls Technology. Our easy-to-use touchscreen interface provides the most advanced reporting and controls system available. It can even be integrated with the irrigation system, or accessed remotely via Watervision remote monitoring software.


>>ONSCREEN TEXT: Quantifiable Results. The system reports total water pumped and make up water used, which determines the amount of rainwater harvested per period. This data proves to both corporations and communities that Sky Harvester systems truly make a difference.

(Music finishes, SkyHarvester logo appears onscreen.)