PSN Watertronics School Transcription

An overview look of PSN classes, how we teach it, testimonials from those involved and more.



[Optimistic music]

[Crowd talking]

>> ROY HORNE: You go in, you do your classes and stuff like that, but you come out here and you get to, you know, talk with everybody about individual products and stuff like that.

>> JEFF CROUSE: Regardless of how long you’ve been in the business, I think there’s something that you’ll take benefit from, from being here.

>> JASON MILLS: …and people who have done it before can go to a little bit more technical classes and you don’t all end up doing the same thing; you have a little bit of customization of what you’re learning.

>> RYAN WILLIS: The classes aren’t overloading with a bunch of information, it’s all broken down into easily manageable bites, and, everybody’s asking questions so you don’t feel weird asking the questions ’cause everybody is.


>> CHARLIE LOPEZ: So it’s really refreshing to see them care and do their best to support people like us, who work on the field with their equipment.

>> JASON JONES: Need those avenues of information right then and there, because that customer is sitting on your shoulder, going…

>> JEFF CROUSE: To call you guys here with questions and to call colleagues with other companies all around the country, not just where I live, is, you can’t put a price on it.

>> BOBBY ZSCHACH: That stands out and everybody knows it too. You know, that’s Watertronics. That’s Watertronics green. As soon as you walk into a pump station, you see that green, you know, you’re okay.


>> JOEL ZIMMERMAN: That’s a lot of people. You know, that’s, you know, to get that quantity of people here in one place ’cause there’s some that are coming all over the country, right? Shows their testament to come here and the value that they bring to those customers.

>> TOMMY KOSEK: Had a lot of this in place over the last couple years and just focused on the continual learning and modernization of the PSN tools and resources, And that actually gets handed down And we train our, not only our salespeople, we also train all of our PSN techs on all of the tools available.

And then we also work with our PSN partners, so if they get stuck, they know who to call and we can help them, even when it’s just the connectivity with the teams, be able to provide ’em the level with the Microsoft support on their team’s environment, their SharePoint access, as well as troubleshooting the equipment in the field.


>> GREG LUSH: We want them to capture the spirit of what we’re doing so they can pull it into them and then give them the systems so they can recall that information.

>> JEFF CROUSE: The benefits you get from being in person as opposed to watching it online… it is well worth the trip.

>> CHIP CARLSON: And the ability to train them and get them fully, I’ll call it indoctrinated, fully into our culture and our customer service, our values on how to take care of a customer and of course, learn the technical part of it. And that’s really important.

>> MALE VOICEOVER: We’re going from everybody else because of the close relationship I have with Watertronics all the way from Chip and Rick down to the shipping guys. And every person in there is a clerical team member as, as the old saying goes, but they are more than team members here.

Every person that works in Watertronics helps me to become successful businessmen.


>> GREG LUSH: These guys are salt of the earth and we are here to support them to make them successful in their endeavors. We’re just here helping them and we love doing it.

>> MILO SEIDL: They’re like-minded people and they’re working together in collaboration. It’s not one in one equals two, it’s one in one equals a hundred or a thousand. That’s how powerful synergy is, and that’s what community does.

It helps one another in that synergistic fashion and, you know, you can, it’s unlimited potential when you put those kind of masterminds, that creative juices are flowing, you know? Yeah. It’s, it’s community.

>> MALE CLASSMATE 1: Family.


>> MALE CLASSMATE 1: Membership matters for sure. It’s just we’re family.

>> MALE CLASSMATE 3: I wanna come back next year, and the year after that, and year after that.