Pinehurst Resort – Course 6, 8 and 10 Transcription

In this brief interview with Bob Farren, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Maintenance for Pinehurst Resort, Bob describes his successful working relationship with Watertronics in both the construction and maintenance of Pinehurt’s renown golf courses.


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>> BOB FARREN: Pinehurst was founded in 1895 by the Tufts family from Boston. We’re proudly known as the cradle of American Golf. We have 10 18-hole golf courses at Pinehurst, as well as the Cradle. It’s a short par three course right here at the doorstep of Pinehurst.

Our Course Number Two is our flagship, if you will. We’re getting ready to host the 2024 US Open Championship. So we were very proud of that, and now we have championships committed out to 2047 with more US opens to come.


>> BOB FARREN: Well, I’ve had a relationship with, with Phil Schatt that now is with Watertronics for, maybe 20 plus years. We consulted with Watertronics on all of our pump stations. It’s helpful for me in the sense of long range planning.

Watertronics did an evaluation on all of our pump stations and identified that Pump Station Number 6 needed to be replaced, and we had great success working with the team at Watertronics when we did Course Number Six’s pump station, that was replacing a pump station that was 30 plus years old.

We had the opportunity the next year, which was in 2022, to do the pump station at Course Number Eight.


>> BOB FARREN: We’re really proud to be introducing our new golf course, Pinehurst Number 10 in April of this year, 2024. Construction actually started on Course Number 10 in January, 2023. Tom Doke was the architect of the property, and his lead associate on the project was Angela Moser.

This is the first new course we’ve built in 30 years. We’re really proud of it. So when we started having the conversations about Pinehurst Number Ten, it was just automatic that we would trust the relationship we’ve had with Watertronics.


>> BOB FARREN: The pump station is the lifeblood of the golf course. That was the other piece of the puzzle when we were putting together the timeline for the golf course. The pump station really was the first and most critical point and piece that we had to have in place in March in order to grasp the golf course that summer.

And so we reached out to the Watertronics and they assured us they would do everything they could to deliver. And they did deliver on time, and it’s been a great success.


>> BOB FARREN: As I’m talking to my peers and my colleagues, there’s certain industry groups and vendors that you do have a positive relationship and you have no reservation about recommending them. I would certainly recommend Watertronics to any colleague.

I have full confidence that Watertronics can deliver the product and have the support needed to make it successful.

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