Made in Wisconsin: Watertronics Transcription

CEOs Rick Reinders and Chip Carlson discuss the usage of Watertronics pump services across America on this news segment on WISN 12.



>> RICK REINDERS: We’ve done courses like Whistling Straits.

(Sound of man teeing off)

>> RICK REINDERS: Aaron Hills. Basically any golf course of any mention would be using a Watertronics pump station.

>> SHELDON DUTES: And you guys are keeping them looking green?


>> SHELDON DUTES: But Watertronics expertise isn’t limited to just the links.

>> RICK REINDERS: The rainwater harvesting system for the domes where we collect the rainwater and we reuse it for irrigation. We build pumping stations for the golf course market, the agricultural market, the municipal market, and the landscape market.

Our clients rely on us to provide systems that are turnkey, they integrate with the irrigation system, and they work to provide the water necessary for those systems.


>> CHIP CARLSON: If we can use alternate sources of water to take care of irrigation, that’s a real benefit to the planet.

>> SHELDON DUTES: And even though Watertronics has systems all over the world, they can still troubleshoot them remotely right here in Heartland. Tell us why it was so important for you to maintain operations in Wisconsin.

>> CHIP CARLSON: We live here. We feel we have a great base for employees. We have people who are hardworking. We wouldn’t be this business as successful as we are without them.

>> SHELDON DUTES: In Heartland, Sheldon Dutes WISN 12 News.